September 01, 2012

[News] Lee Min Ho, ‘Faith’ shows a 180 degrees reversal in his act

Actor, Lee Min Ho, showed a totally different ‘variety’ act and attracted the hearts of Korean girls.

▲ Photo=SBS ‘Faith’ 6th episode In the 6th episode of SBS Mon-Tues drama ‘Faith’ that was aired on the 28th, Lee Min Ho showed a charismatic yet sentimental act. Choi Young went to save Eun Soo, who was caught by Ki Cheol, but goes to Ganghwa Island where Kyung Chang Gun was there, sick, by Ki Cheol’s order with Eun Soo. ▲ Photo=SBS ‘Faith’ 6th episode Kyung Chang Gun runs into Choi Young’s arms as soon as he sees him coming into the house. Choi Young hugs him warmly, seeing him sick. He, then, decides to bring Eun Soo’s equipments needed for the surgery and also Jang Bin. ▲ Photo=SBS ‘Faith’ 6th episode However, as soon as Choi Young leaves the house, he sensed assassins hiding infront of the house. He then fights them and repulsed the attack. But the assassins decides to kill both Eun Soo and Kyung Chang Gun, so Choi Young brings them out and fights the assassins. ▲ Photo=SBS ‘Faith’ 6th episode Above all, Lee Min Ho showed his two faces, being so caring and loving when he meets his old master and the other way around when he meets the enemy. This episode made the audience more curious about Choi Young’s destiny, as he falls into the trick that Ki Cheol made, telling him to save Eun Soo and Kyung Chang Gun. Source: TopStarNews

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