June 30, 2012

[Photo] Lee Min Ho – Semir England Fashion Collection

[CF] Lee Min Ho – Semir CF (England Fashion)

[Interview] Interview with Lee Min Ho about ‘The Faith’ (Josei Jishin 10/07/2012)

[Interview] Lee Min Ho willing to go anywhere for his love (Trends Health July2012)

Lee Min Ho updates on SNS on 25/06/2012

Today has been pretty busy working on a drama shooting to realize my 26th birthday! It has passed so quickly, but all the good wishes and cheers made me very happy! :) Thank you again for your sweet messages! They mean a lot to me as you know well. Then have a fantastic day everyone and see you soon! :) bye!
Of all the wishes that i want, I hope a new tv drama that is supposed to be aired in few months, The Faith will be successful. I believe it would be so rewarding as much as I do my best, wouldn’t it? As well, it will be just as fine as you cheer! :)

[Photo] Absolute Boyfriend Ep12 Still Cuts

Ku Hye Sun updates on twitter on 24/06/2012

기말고사를 마치고 종강했습니다. 여름방학이 오고 말았습니다. 만세! 방학기념 기말 작품 공개해봅니다. yfrog.com/oe5uzkwj yfrog.com/gz5n7hwj updated on 24 June 2012 02:44 (KST) Translation (cre cheerkoo @ soompi) GHS is so happy that her finals are over. She shouts Hurray/Manseh! And to celebrate vacation, she is releasing few of her final works to share with her fans.

June 23, 2012

[News] Gu Hye Sun Helps Leukemia Patient Seo Deuh Kuh From Mongolia

Gu Hye Sun is making new friends from Mongolia. On June 23, the actress tweeted, “Everyone’s help has become a great strength. Seo Deuh Kuh from Mongolia who has leukemia, make sure you will win! [Seo Deuh Kuh] will be returning to his homeland soon. Please send an encouraging message.” The picture showed Gu Hye Sun with Seo Deuh Kuh, a five-year-old child from Mongolia who came to Korea to receive treatment for leukemia. Thanks to Gu Hye Sun’s tweets, Seo Deuh Kuh was able to receive a bone marrow transplant and receive the proper treatment.

Netizens wrote, “That’s really great for Seo Deuh Kuh”, “What an angel Gu Hye Sun” and “Fighting Seo Deuh Kuh!” Photo credit: Gu Hye Sun’s Twitter Source: enewsworld

Ku Hye Sun updates on twitter on 23/06/2012

여러분들의 손길이 커다란 힘이되었습니다. 몽골에서 온 아기 서드커가 백혈병을 이겨내고! 건강해진 모습으로 고국에 돌아가는데요. 응원의 한마디 부탁드립니다. ^^ yfrog.com/nuw9bchj updated on 23 June 2012 06:38 (KST) Translation (by enewsworld): Everyone’s help has become a great strength. Seo Deuh Kuh from Mongolia who has leukemia, make sure you will win! [Seo Deuh Kuh] will be returning to his homeland soon. Please send an encouraging message.^

[Photo] 120622 Ku Hye Sun met ‘Seo-de-keo’ (‘서드커’)

Hye Sun met ‘Seo-de-keo’(‘서드커’) , a Mongolian child who suffered from leukemia. If you could remember, Hye Sun tweeted last Oct to encourage people to help him. As seen, our angel must have treated this little child to cafe manolin ^^ She is such a caring person. Cre Ayesuper for the info Photo source: angijong

[Photo]120622 Lee Min Ho celebrates his birthday on the set of Faith

Lee Min Ho updates on SNS on 21/06/2012

[Photo] 120615 Lee Min Ho @ Incheon Airport depart for US

120619 Ku Hye Sun @ Sungkyunkwan University

[Interview] Everyone Loves Lee Min Ho (Rayli Fashion & Beauty July2012)

[Interview] Interview with Lee Min Ho who’s an active user of LINE OFFICIAL ACCOUNT

Interview with Lee Min Ho who’s an active user of LINE OFFICIAL ACCOUNT!! There are 16 famous celebrities under [LINE OFFICIAL ACCOUNTS]. Today, we interviewed a newly joined member of LINE, Lee Min Ho, who’s a famous Korean actor, and we wanted to know how he uses his LINE and what made him want to join LINE OFFICIAL ACCOUNTS!

It has only been a week since Lee Min Ho joined LINE, and he sent us photos during the time when he was shooting for his drama or TV commercial. And of course, he answered in Japanese as best as he could for his Japanese fans! We were told that Lee Min Ho personally uses his LINE account. He answered some of our questions below. Q. Please tell us when you use your LINE account. A. I use it when I want to keep in touch with my friends, or when I want to share my updates using the chatting feature(talk). Q. What’s your favorite (or commonly used) LINE stamp? Also, when do you use it? A. I use it when someone says something and it’s hard for me to give a reaction, or if it’s something that’s hard for me to answer. Q. In the future for LINE users, you can deliver various information and exchange messages with your fans on real time, are you interested? A. I want to know more updates about my fans and find common interests. I think it would be fun to have something in common to talk about.      Q. Through the use of LINE OFFICIAL ACCOUNT, you can directly communicate with your fans. Please share some words. A. Hello, this is Lee Min Ho. I’m thrilled to find out that I can meet all of you through LINE. I think it’s great to be able to exchange updates about one another. Not only mine, but rather I would like to hear a lot more updates about you. Always be happy ^^ Q. Please leave a message for your fans! A. Thank you everyone for your interest in ‘City Hunter in SEOUL.’ I am currently filming for my new drama ‘The Faith’ (working title), and I think it will be an amazing drama. I will update you through LINE. We are looking forward to Lee Min Ho’s future updates, and see him appear as an ON-AIR status! Original Source: Starhaus Entertainment’s Facebook Translated By: Solly @ Lee Min Ho’s World (www.leeminhoworld.com)

[Photo] 120619 Ku Hye Sun @ SKKU, cheering for students on exams

Today Ku Hye Sun attended an open event to cheer for the students on exam. She was handing out snack pack to students at Sungkyunkwan University.