November 27, 2011

[Mag] Lee Min Ho – 韓流T.O.P. Jan 2012

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Lee Min Ho updates on Weibo, twitter, FB, me2day on 19/11/2011

Thanks all those who have participated in the 2million followers celebration event! @21:50 Few days ago, I went to shop for some gifts that I wanna give away at the fanmeeeting in China. haha, this photo was taken by a staff in our company. ^^ @21:28
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The weather is getting cold~ Please be careful and not to catch a cold!

[Photo] My visit to Manolin (25/11/2011)

Visiting manolin for the first time! It’s evening & I forgot to bring my camera to Seoul… So I just took a few pics there with my handhone and the quality is not good. Nonetheless, I really love the coziness there and the coffee & waffle were good!
Super delicious waffles
I checked the house of Ghamja, but it’s empty…. He’s not there when I visited. But… I met Bhap! He is very cute and not afraid of stranger (like me, lol) He even lied on my lap when I called his name ^^
He was wearing leopard-printed clothes, he is trendy
Last but not least, I also met Hyesun’s mother! She is super kind and have beautiful smile ^__^

[Photo] Lee Min Ho – Letter from Angels campaign

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Ku Hye Sun updates on twitter on 25/11/2011

그리운 대만. 보고싶은 절대그이 팀. updated on Nov 26 22:38 Translation: I miss Taiwan. Want to meet the Absolute Darling Team

[News] Ku Hye Sun completes first “Special birthday present” flight

Actress Ku Hye Sun recently completed her first flight for a TV series. Ku flew to Australia to shoot SBS’s Wednesday-Thursda series Please Captain. She plays the role of a female copilot named Han Da Jin. She boarded a Cessna, which is designed for test flights, and flew in the sky for the first time. In reality, a real pilot was flying the plane but camera angles made it look like she was flying. Ku sat in the cockpit and pretended like she was the one who was flying the plane. A camera was installed inside the Cessna and a helicopter followed the plane to shoot Ku’s flying scene as well. Since the scene was shot the day after her birthday, she looked very happy. She said, “It feels like a special birthday present for me.” In the pictures, which were taken on the set and recently released, Ku looks so excited about her first flight. Besides Ku, Ji Jin Hee, Lee Chun Hee, and Yoo Sun will also appear on the series. The series will start airing on January 4 after the current series A Deep-rooted Tree. Source: TV Report Translation:

[Photo] Lee Min Ho – Veloster Ad Image

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[Photo] 111125 Lee Min Ho @ Blue Dragon Awards

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Lee Min Ho updates on Weibo on 25/11/2011

Min Ho updates on weibo using Mandarin Chinese Phonics: 現在學過的一句話︰凍死了﹗大家注意感冒﹗ Translation: Now I have learnt a phrase (in Chinese): It’s cold like death! Please be careful not to catch a cold! Transltion by meow/

[Photo] Ku Hye Sun – “Please Captain” Stills & BTS (25/11/2011)

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[Photo] Lee Min Ho for Cantata

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[Photo] Ku Hye Sun – “Please Captian” Stills & BTS (24/11/2011)

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