July 30, 2011

[PRESS] Lee Min Ho ” A Growing Storm” as the star of City Hunter

Actor Lee Min Ho (24) is a growing storm!!
The final episode of SBS “City Hunter” is aired on the 28th of July, and it ends beautifully. The viewers is giving a lot of cheers because of the growth Lee Min Ho has undertook.
In the drama, Lee Min Ho has to do a cruel revenge because of his father, he’s trying to avenge the death of a man he know as his father and doing it like a real City Hunter do, and he’s impressing the audience with his charismatic appearance. With his action scene and sharp eyes, and capitalizing on his growth, he’s gaining a lot of cheer form his fans. He’s got his fame after doing KBS 2 “Boys Over Flowers”, made him know as the “Flower Boy” but now he’s brushing his image and broadening his spectrum.
Lee Min Ho is doing a distinctive action scene. Without any specific weapon on his hands, he’s using a real-life things as his weapon, making a “Spoon Action”, “Hat Action” and “Water Bottle Action”. Lee Min Ho’s shining because of his fast ideas and moves, including his quickness.
Just after finishing shooting of “City Hunter” drama and it’s already aired, he wrote on his Me2Day account “Meanwhile, sending this because of City Hunter, thank you for loving us. I guess we could finish this because of the fans..”, seems to give his gratitude to his fans.
Thanks to Lee Min Ho, “City Hunter” has made to the top position. The mean rating of City Hunter is 18% nation-wide (ABG Nielsen Media Research), but the vest rating recorded for the drama is for the 15th episode that was aired on the 13th of July, when it reach 19,9%.

[24.07.2011] Visiting City Hunter shooting location with MickieMai

‘City Hunter’ airs its series finale

The popular SBS drama, ‘City Hunter‘, finally aired its series finale and wrapped up the fates of the three main characters, ‘Kim Na Na‘, ‘Lee Yong Soo‘ and ‘Lee Jin Pyo‘.

On July 28th, the last episode of ‘City Hunter’ saw Lee Yong Soo (Lee Min Ho) block Lee Jin Pyo’s (Kim Sang Joong) revenge on ‘Choi Eung Chan‘ (Chun Ho Jin)
Lee Yong Soo was played into Lee Jin Pyo’s plan of revenge, and upon his discovery, he bellowed with sorrow and pointed his gun at his own head. In that moment, Choi Eung Chan’s bodyguard, ‘Kim Na Na’ (Park Min Young) yelled, “Stop it!”

Choi Eung Chan knew he had to stand up for his punishment and so he pushed Kim Na Na aside, causing momentary confusion. Lee Jin Pyo seized the moment and shot his gun at Choi, only to see that his bullet was intercepted by Lee Yong Soo.

The surprised Kim Na Na returns fire and hits Lee Jin Pyo’s chest. Lee Jin Pyo yells out that he is the ‘City Hunter’, and points his gun at Lee Yong Soo and Kim Na Na. Fortunately, the two’s lives are saved when the remaining bodyguards shoot at Lee Jin Pyo, thus ending his life.
Afterwards, Kim Na Na decides to leave her position as a bodyguard, and wait for Lee Yong Soo to return. The couple experience a happy ending as the two reunite in the future, smiling warmly at each other upon the long-awaited reunion.

Did you watch the end of ‘City Hunter’? How did you feel about the series finale? Toss us your thoughts below!

Source: TVReport via Nate
Photo: Goo Hara’s Twitter

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[Mag] Lee Min Ho – Easy Magazine Issue614 Scan

July 29, 2011

City Hunter’s Yun Seong finally learns of Lee Jin Pyo’s cruelty and becomes shocked

In the last episode of SBS’s drama series City Hunter that aired on the 28th, Yun Seong (played by Lee Min Ho) became shocked when he learned the revenge that Lee Jin Pyo (played by Kim Sang Joong) was talking about was aimed toward Yun Seong’s biological father, Choi Eung Chan (played by Chun Ho Jin).

When Yun Seong discovered that Lee Jin Pyo has sent a message to Kim Young Joo (played by Lee Joon Hyuk) in Yun Seong’s name, he asked, “Why did you have to make such a lie to bring in Kim Young Joo? You are no more than a murderer who killed that innocent guy.”

Lee Jin Pyo replied, “Just like what had happened to my friends, innocent people can die. Chun Jae Man will die in my hand,” and Lee made it become true.

Moreover, Yun Seong came to read a top secret document and found out that the last person he had to terminate was Choi Eung Chan, his biological father. Yun Seong argued furiously, “So this is what it was all about, to make me kill my own father? This is what you meant for a cruel revenge? You took my mom away from me and made me believe that you were my dad for the last 28 years, and I believe you had enough fun.”

Yun Seong made it clear that he wouldn’t revenge Choi Eung Chan, but his decision weakens as he discovers Choi’s corruption.

Source: Newsen

City Hunter’s actors expressed their feelings about the ending of the drama

SBS’s City Hunter will end with its twentieth episode on the 28th. Viewers are paying a lot of attention to the ending.

The actors of the drama expressed their feelings about the ending of the series through blogs, Me2day, and SNS. Park Min Young tweeted, “Bye bye Na Na. Thank you all for cheering me on, and thank you City Hunter crew!” Park Min Young played the role of Na Na in City Hunter.

Lee Jun Hyeok who died before the last episode said, “I am reminded of the day that I first got the script. I didn’t think of anything else but to act as Kim Young Joo in City Hunter.”

Moreover, Lee Jun Hyeok expressed his affection for City Hunter by saying, “City Hunter gave me a chance to solidify my determination as an actor.”

Also, the president’s daughter Choe Da Hae (Goo Hara) tweeted, “I just had City Hunter‘s last shooting… I’m so sad it’s already over.” Ko Ki Jun (Lee Kwang Soo) expressed his appreciation by saying, “Thank you all for loving City Hunter so much~♡”

Meanwhile, the production crew announced a reversal ending, which aroused many viewers’ curiosity.

Source: TvReport from Nate

[Video] Hyundai Veloster – City Hunter Actor Lee Min Ho Interview

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[Info] 2011 The Special Day with Minoz to be held on Aug 20

2011 The Special Day with Minoz
Date:20 Aug 2011 (Sat)
Time: 6pm
Location: Yonsei University
more information at http://ticket.auction.co.kr

[News] “City Hunter” bids farewell, scores 5th straight win

SBS ‘action series “City Hunter” ended its two month run this week, maintaining its spot at No. 1 on the Wednesday and Thursday primetime lineup for the fifth straight week.
Total National Media Research (TNmS) on Friday revealed that “City Hunter,” starring Lee Min-ho and Park Min-young, posted an average viewership rating of 18.2 percent, while AGB Nielsen Media Research showed an average of 18.4 percent.
The last episode showed how the cold-hearted Jin-pyo (Kim Sang-joong) took a bullet which was meant for Yoon-sung (Lee Min-ho).
Source: 10asia
bidding goodbye to Lee Yun Sung~

Lee Min Ho updates on twitter, FB, me2day & weibo (28/07/2011)

그동안 시티헌터에 보내주신 사랑에 감사합니다. 큰 응원 덕분에 무사히 마칠 수 있었던 것 같아요. 늘 행복하세요!! Thanks to cheer for city hunter! Be happy always!
updated on July 29, 2011 00:31 (Korean Time)

July 28, 2011

Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young revealed 10 romantic scenes

10 pictures from the SBS’s Wednesday- Thursday drama City Hunter are attracting people’s attention.

In the drama, City Hunter, Lee Yoon Sung (played by Lee Min Ho) and Nana (played by Park Min Young) performed lovely scenes make them look like a real couple.

They had a judo match when they first met. When Lee Min Ho went to club, he kissed Park Min Young to prove that she is his girlfriend.

Lee Min Ho also kissed to Park Min Young’s scared face to express his feelings. He rested his head on Park Min Young’s shoulder on the bus. Then Lee Min Ho asked her to live together and created a romantic atmosphere.

The two also kissed on the couch and shared their feelings. Lee Min Ho even washed Park Min Young’s hair and captivated women’s heart.

One of the officials said, “They performed so well because they were like bread and butter.”

Meanwhile, after the City Hunter‘s last episode, the new drama, Look out for the boss will be aired.

Source: My Daily from Nate

In City Hunter, President shockingly turns out to be Yun Seong’s father

On the July 27 episode of SBS’s drama series City Hunter, Yun Seong, played by Lee Min Ho, finds that President Choi Eung-chan, played by Cheon Ho Jin, is his father.

Yun Seong decides to ask his mother if Choi is really his father. He asked, “I’m not trying to blame you. I feel sorry, but I guess I got at something you’ve tried to keep from me. Is President Choi really my biological father?” Then, she sheds apologetic tears, saying, “Sorry, I would have said it before.” And she let him know that Choi doesn’t know his son’s presence itself.

Source: Newsen from nate

Lee Min-ho is featured in Chinese Magazine “Easy”

Lee Min-ho is fighting crime on “City Hunter”, and he is embracing the pretty in his latest magazine feature.

On July 28th, Min-ho’s agency, Starhaus M, retweeted a Minoz’s tweet about the actor/model appearing in an August edition of a Chinese magazine.

Here is the tweet:

“so cool/.RT @haran_g: Lee Min Ho in a Chinese Magazine @ActorLeeMinHo @StarhausM #Leeminhohttp://twitpic.com/5wpzbj”

What do think of his international cover?

Sources: @StarhausM and @haran_g