April 30, 2011

KARA's Goo Hara “City Hunter” Teaser Photos Released!!!

KARA’s Goo Hara transformed into the President’s daughter for the upcoming drama “City Hunter.” She plays Da Hae, a high-spirited student who’s preparing for her college entrance exams. She will act alongside Lee Min Ho who plays Lee Yoon Sung, a MIT graduate who works at the Blue House a part of the National Communications Team, and Park Min Young who plays Kim Na Na, her body guard.

The first scene Goo Hara filmed as an actress took place at a club. Her character managed to slip away from her after school activities to go clubbing. Da Hae is Kim Na Na’s first assignment as a secret service agent, and she manages to give Kim a hard time.

For the Gangnam club scene, Goo Hara wore an ultra-mini dress with 5 inch kill heels showing off her slim and long legs. Her blue mini-dress was befitting her fun twenty year old character. Her shoot lasted two hours, and singer-actress Goo Hara naturally showed off her famous dancing skills for the clubbing scenes. It’s been said that Goo Hara is a natural actress and completed filming with zero NGs (no good scenes). She impressed the entire cast and crew with her never ending enthusiasm despite the long and hard hours of filming. Representatives of the drama stated, “Goo Hara has such a sparkling personality, it’s no wonder she’s receiving so much love and support from her fans and coworkers. She’s so willing to learn.”

As the daughter of the first family, Goo Hara’s character Da Hae has a fabulous wardrobe full of designer clothing and accessories. Viewers can anticipate a parade of fashion shows from Goo Hara’s part.

“City Hunter” is based on the mega-popular Japanese manga by Hojo Tsukasa and will broadcast its first episode on May 25th on SBS.



Note: This is NOT official news
Several tweets from Weibo that talks about AD were found, it is suspected that AD might have started filming on April 29, and Jiro may be working on this project!
I will share those Weibo tweets here but still we have to wait for official announcement from GTV

Hsish Chi-wen (NB: he’s a Taiwan actor): Attended the prayer ceremony of “Absolute Darling” today. It was in Christian format with a priest’s blessing. Gain a lot of power through praying. Though I’m not a Christian, I’m happy to have prayed together.
April 28 18:42
Hsish Chi-wen: back home to have dinner and checked on Weibo. Suddenly got a lot of new followers, and found that many fans of Jiro followed me. Thanks for following. All I can say is that Jiro is very handsome. (sounds like it’s a top secret?!)
April 29 21:01
Cherry Hsai (NB: She’s Taiwan actress/ model): @ Penny Xie (NB: a Taiwan actor who’s a member of a boy group called Energy): Penny~ We haven’t met for ages. knowing you for so long, finally we have chance to work together! Fighting! Absolute Darling GO GO GO~
April 29 13:41

Jiro Wang: Today’s work is quite comfortable, look what I’m wearing…
April 29 15:33

Jiro didn’t mention about AD directly, but a fan of him left a tweet as below, in which the pic of Jiro is compared to AD comic

Jirockstar: This is it? looks similar! I’m not sure if it is true… But I’m looking forward to…
That’s all for now~ Let’s hope for the best! Absolute Darling, Fighting!


April 28, 2011

Goo Hye Sun is angry about rumors involving her with Seo Taiji

Actress Goo Hye Sun is expressing an outrage against a rumor about an interview focused on Seo Taiji. The latest speculation follows a rumor about her being Seo Taiji’s lover.

Recently, Goo Hye Sun was caught up in a rumor about her being Seo Taiji’s lover as reported by stock company, Jjirasi, on the 27th. The rumor said Goo Hye Sun encouraged Seo Taiji to break up with Lee Ji Ah and that Goo Hye Sun is Seo Taiji’s lover.

Additionally, Goo Hye Sun’s alleged anonymous interview from the past is catching attention.

The interview was held back in 2008 and stated that Goo Hye Sun wanted to enroll into Book Gong High School, where Seo Taiji attended, but because Book Gong High School is an all-male school, she went to the nearby Yeom Gwang Girls High School instead.

On the 27th, Goo Hye Sun’s management agency, YG Entertainment, flatly denied all the rumors to Star News stating, “Nothing about this is true. She never said anything about Seo Taiji.”

YG Entertainment also added, “Goo Hye Sun graduated from Boo Pyung Girls High School in Boocheon. She doesn’t even know where Book Gong High School or Yeom Gwang Girls High School is. We are just shocked that this fake interview is being reported like it’s true.”

About the Seo Taiji relationship rumor, YG Entertainment’s CEO Yang Hyun Suk said, “It’s only a rumor. It’s simply not true.”

Source: Star News via Nate